Thursday, November 13, 2014

Family, Fun and Gratitude

The month of November is a perfect time to stop and reflect on our blessings.  Every year, when November rolls around, I get geared up to make a 'thankful list', deliberately choose to count my  blessings, make a gratitude journal etc.  

Then....December comes and slowly the rush of Christmas preparations can push aside that attitude of gratitude.  This year, my focus is not just to 'do gratitude', but to 'live out gratitude'.  

Gratitude isn't simply being thankful, it goes beyond the blessings, to recognize the hope that we have in the Lord. It is what give us hope and help in the hard times.  It is a steadfast heart that looks to God who alone brings all things together for our good. 

One of many people's richest blessings is family.  Once marriage occurs, we gain family, grow, stretch and learn to love differently.  Family love stretches our hearts and lives.  I've been blessed with an incredible and loving family and married into a larger but just as wonderful family.  This weekend many of us ladies gathered together to celebrate an upcoming wedding. A house full of ladies with one purpose - to celebrate and fellowship made for a cherished memory. With one bride-to-be, there were many different sides of family represented, some local, from some from long distances,  those we see often, those we haven't seen for years, some we've never met!!  But what a great time it was and of course a photo opportunity that couldn't be ignored!!  

This is my 'thankful post' this week...thankful for all family, but especially for this ladies day!!

Beautiful Ladies - aunts and nieces!

The girls selfie!!

The other side!!

Some of my nieces and I

Sisters in heart, bonded by family!!

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