Sunday, February 22, 2015

Daybook Online Journal

Up until a few years ago, the word journal  immediately me back to 5th grade, where I can vividly recall sitting at my desk looking at the assigned writing essay.  Mind blank, no creative inspiration, only an assignment for writing which I absolutely hated!

Years later as I became active in Bible Studies, journalling became an active word that was used often.  Often I would skip over the idea simply because I hate sitting down with paper and pen. As time went on, the purpose of keeping a journal and benefits of it became clearer, especially as life's moments were going by so fast, it was hard to catch and cherish them.

So... I began writing down things I wanted to remember.  Although I'm not faithful to journal, there are some great moments, thoughts and inspirations jotted down to look at now and again!

Writing is a chore, but blogging, now that is something I love to do!  Thoughts pouring through the mind, fingers flying on the keyboard, no stress, no writers cramp, and a blog post completed, that I can do!  But again, time keeps flying by and the older I get, the more I love to look back and see what things were going on in my life and recapture life's fleeting moments.

Last week, I stumbled upon a blog that shared a weekly "Daybook Online Journal".  Now, I won't bore you each week, but I am excited about the opportunity to sit and ponder what is going on in some areas of my life right now.  So here goes...

Thanking God for…good health, energy to do daily tasks especially through a few busy weeks. Valentine's Day and the opportunity to love and be loved.

Praying…there are a few tough situations on my heart that only God can fix.  Praying over these and believing nothing is too hard for God and that He is magnified in and above every issue.

Jobs…Enjoying a seasonal job with a tax office.  Getting to know some new co-workers and meeting a variety of customers, getting some problem solving skills.  Loving the interaction with others.

ReadingThe Power of Persistence by Micheal Carr, Be All You Can Be by John Maxwell and The Virtuous Life of a Christ Centered Wife by Darlene Schact

Bible Journaling…Jotting down notes from "Be All You Can Be"

Around the House…Planning this week to plant some herbs, need some fresh basil and oregano!  Have lots of kale growing. 

In the Kitchen…Working hard to eat clean!  Finishing off the many BOGO cookie and brownie mixes.  Keeping a good supply of healthy snacks, fresh fruits on hand.

Church Ministries…So excited to be a part of a new ministry starting in March.  Family Ministry nights will involved the entire family. Working to reach our young families and engage them in not just church attendance, but to become families strong in the Lord that live out and pass along great faith. 

Saving Money…trying to stay out of the grocery store!!  Making an effort to use what we have in the pantry and freezer.    Working to use leftovers creatively and with no waste. 

Healthy Living...Working hard on a clean diet and picking back up some running.  A local 10K will be held in our town next month, trying to increase endurance to run it.


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  1. Welcome! So happy to meet you from The Littlest Way. I'm slowly ridding the house of a spiced chai I love to drink. I'm going to stay away from dairy to see if it's causing me some tummy troubles and my favorite chai has dairy. I've cut down from 4 cups to 2 and now working on going to one cup then no more chai.


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