Monday, April 13, 2015

Getting Your Morning Started Right

It has been said that each person is either a 'morning person" or a "night owl", mainly referring to the time of day they are most effective. Morning people wake up alert and ready to tackle the day, night owls wake up slower and as the day goes by gain their energy and momentum. 

Regardless of which group we find ourselves in, each day we must get up and face each day.  We usually develop a morning routine that works well for us. Being a morning person, I get up early enough to have 2 hours before I get out the door. And alot can get accomplished in that time!!  Coffee and devotion are first followed by exercise, household chores, breakfast, dinner preparations and getting ready to leave for the day.  It is not uncommon for my family to wake up to the dishwasher and washing machine running, breakfast cooking and their mom a blur, moving from task to task in between hair and make up!  Plans for the day are set in my mind and the day gets off to a great start.

I recently came across an article that started with the thought...“How you start your day is how you start your life.”  I was all in after reading that!!!  There were 7 suggested questions to ask yourself each morning. Let's take a look!

1,  If I could only get one thing done today, what would it be?
This question can help scatter distractions and get our focus on the biggest priority of the day.

2.  Have I set aside quiet time with God to pray, reflect and read His Word?
To me, this is the most important thing of the morning.  During times of prayer, our worry is released, our hearts receive peace and our faith is increased.  Reading God's Word can equip us with God's power to face the day.

3.  Is there any unconfessed sin in my life that I should confess?
That unsettled issue/attitude  that always seems to come up, could it be something we need to confess and move on from?

4.  Are there any relational issues with others that need rectifying?
Ouch!  Another area that may be difficult to deal with, but will be well worth it in the end!
5.  Am I eating a healthy breakfast with plenty of protein and healthy carbs?
I've been practicing this and can tell a huge difference by adding more protein to my breakfast.  Turkey bacon, turkey sausage, oatmeal with a scoop of peanut butter, yogurt, cottage cheese or protein smoothies are my favorite healthy breakfasts. 

6.  Am I focusing on the positive, good things in life and ministry, or do my thoughts immediately turn negative?
So much of our day depends on our attitude and what we focus on.  May we be diligent to practice and keep our thoughts positive.  For the Christian, it is powerful to claim Bible verses that remind us of God's greatness and unlimited power.

7. Do I have a consistent routine like getting up at the same time, eating at the same time, taking a shower at the same time, etc., or is each morning dramatically different?
A good routine is of great benefit!!  My 2 hour morning routine is divided up and I know what should be done by what time.  If it gets off, it is easy to re balance!

What we do first thing in the morning will dramatically affect the rest of your day. The Psalmist offers great advice with these words.

"Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul". (Ps 143.8, NIV)

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