Friday, May 15, 2015

I Just Love Weddings!!

Weddings are happy events! A place to get a first hand view of love, hope for a new life joined together and a promise and commitment in front of God, family and friends.  Even as a 'mature' married couple, I always leave a wedding inspired to love more, serve more and be a better wife!

Wedding fervor has hit our family and circle of friends.Our oldest son got married last year along with a few of his closest friends.  What a joy it has been watching these boys who grew up together celebrate and take part in each other's weddings.  My mama's heart cried tears of joy at each wedding, so happy for the new life they are beginning.

My picture taking fanaticism has dimmed some, boys still are not overly interested or see the importance of cherishing the moment with a photo.  BUT....I pulled the mama card out at this last wedding and rounded my bunch out for a few pictures!

My handsome groom of 25 years!!

My 2 oldest sons and daughter in law were part of the wedding party...I just happened to match, so they let me blend in!!

Getting the youngest in on the photo action!!

Yes, I love weddings and getting some photos to help cherish the joy!

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