Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer Bible Studay

This is the first week of summer vacation for school children.  Being a part time employee offers much flexibility for my schedule. So far this week, we have enjoyed sleeping in a little later and a few days of rest and staying at home.
Summer's slower pace is a nice change, the greatest for me is relaxing our morning routine some!  But, we don't want to fall into too much rest, relaxation and doing nothing!  We need to adept the routine some, keep our priorities in check and seek out opportunities to grow.
Love God Greatly is a woman's ministry that offers Online Bible Studies through the year.  Having participated in several of the studies, I am always challenged and encouraged by them.  A new summer Bible Study will begin next Monday. Here is the description...
The greatness of God’s Word is the theme of Psalm 119. Woven throughout this longest chapter of the Bible are beautiful character qualities of Scripture, reminding us that God’s Word is sufficient, truthful, pure, authoritative, and unchanging. But when we look beyond the words on the page to the living Word – God himself – we see how his character is reflected in this chapter as well.The study of Psalm 119 gives us a glimpse into the beauty, importance, and usefulness of Scripture, prompting us to walk away more in love with God and his Word, more aware of our sin, and more in awe of our great Savior and his sacrifice on our behalf.

This study can be done alone or with a group.  All materials are free to download once you register.  If you are looking for a fun, summer, spiritual growth, enroll today!!

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