Friday, September 4, 2015

Birthday Blessings

No matter how old you are, when your birthday rolls around, it is just a special day!  I love that little feeling of excitement that begins the moment you wake up knowing it's going to be a good day!  Birthday wishes, cards or texts make the day extra special and something we never outgrow!  All through the day, your heart seems to smile, even through the mundane tasks of the day, you just feel special!

The older we get, the excitement of presents change.  It goes from that childhood question "what do you want for your birthday?" which immediately sent your mind spinning with a want list, to anticipating the gifts in life that really matter - friends and family remembering you on your special day and hopefully some time set aside to savor and enjoy time together.  

Last night as I was thinking of my approaching birthday and contemplating how fast time did I get to this age already???!!!  Doing a quick reflection of those years, they include a range of emotions, challenges, blessings, trials, failures, joys, and memories.  

So this year, I decided to make a list of "birthday blessings"  one for each year. God has given me so much and when we count what we are given instead of what we are wanting....a heart can get full of thanksgiving quickly!!  Here is my list and it is not in order of importance or priority....everyone does that!!  But big and small, blessings remind of us of our Heavenly Father who created us with purpose and His great love for us!

  • September - because it means fall is eventually coming
  • A front porch 
  • Social media - can be a tool to give and receive blessings
  • The fabulous lemon cake someone left at my work...I've enjoyed it all week long!
  • Salvation - God made me a new creation in Him
  • Fitness friends
  • Evening walks
  • A good book
  • Texts at 6:00 AM with happy birthday wishes
  • Hard times I thought I could never make it through....God showed me His strength and kept me
  • Long telephone chats with girlfriends
  • A husband picked out by God, just for me....I could not have chosen any better
  • Plants that grow and give beauty
  • New pajamas found on clearance
  • My 3 sons....a houseful of boys is a heartful of active blessings
  • A job I love and feel appreciated and useful
  • Good health and the wisdom to make healthy choices
  • Podcasts that keep me uplifted
  • Ladies Bible Study
  • Extended family who loves me unconditionally
  • Summer trips to see beautiful places
  • Getting up early and being rewarded with beautiful sunrises
  • Rainbows and the excitement we share when we see one
  • Hugs and snuggles with the boys...rare now, but still love them!
  • Wonderful in laws who accept me and embrace me
  • Handwritten birthday cards in the mail
  • Annual blood work results that are perfect
  • Church ministries and being a part of serving the Lord through them
  • Answered prayers
  • Energy to do daily tasks
  • Brother and sister in laws...and we all get along!
  • Accountability fitness groups - full of encouragement and the push to keep on track
  • Being born in the USA
  • Photos - taking them and sharing them
  • Sons sports teams
  • A blog to share thoughts, cherish memories and encourage others
  • The fruit of the Spirit...given by God, things that cannot make, joy, peace...
  • Living in the county
  • Scented candles
  • Faith that grows
  • Pretty coffee cups
  • Being hospitable and sharing good times with friends and family
  • Sweet Sunday fellowship hugs
  • Essential oils
  • Sweet birthday sticky notes to find upon waking
  • Joy...and the ability to look for good all around
  • Spiritual growth and transformation that only God can bring...year after year!

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