Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Faves

Friday and here and it will end a good week! Here are some of my favorite things that went on this week!!

The Pioneer Woman Kitchen Collection hit the stores this week!  If you have never visited the Pioneer Woman's website, you must!  Oh, the delicious recipes that are shared!  If you ever get into a 'what to fix for dinner' slump, this is the place to go!  This new kitchen collection is fabulous.  I wanted a little of everything, but restricted myself to a bakeware set. works wonderfully!!!


One day this week, hubby and I were off the same day, a weekday and had the day to ourselves.  We love to walk and while my walking paths usually include pavement, sidewalks and traffic, we hit the country paths, surrounded by trees, birds and the river!

See You At the Pole is an annual student led time set aside to pray.  As I dropped my son off early to participate, this was the great group gathered to join together and pray.  That was a great site to begin the day!!

Last year, I began working as a tax preparer.  Now, nobody is thinking of their taxes in September, but this is when our training begins to keep up with the latest laws and get back into that tax mode!  So, it's back to the books, practice returns and a whole lot of study!!

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