Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fitness Family

Against all the current fitness advice which stress the benefits of accountability and community, I am what could be called a 'fitness loner'. It's not exactly by choice, but more by circumstance. I love being a part of fitness classes etc., but the time frame just doesn't work for me. But, because I love the effects that a healthy lifestyle provides, that is enough to keep me disciplined enough to get a daily work out in and attempt to keep a mostly healthy food intake. But, when a friend asked me to join a Facebook fitness group, I finally found a fitness family! This group is a place where workouts can be posted and non-fitness friends don't have to be bombarded by all those numbers - miles walked or workouts completed! This fitness family loves to hear how many miles I walked a day! We freely share those victories along with those days when energy and motivation are way low. This is the place where we strive to eat healthy, but can also share about our weakness for sweets or how in the moment of weakness we devoured 3 bags of peanut M&Ms. This group is simply a group of ladies striving for better habits, all at many different levels, a place to be and to give encouragement. Many of our group has never met, but feel like we know each other! A recent 5K in town brought several of us together, reuniting old friendships and developing new ones. Of course we documented it with a photo...and we continue on the quest to grow healthier!!

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