Friday, November 6, 2015

How To Be Indispensable...

A few months ago, I purchased a FitBit activity tracker.  This little gadget tracks my steps, calories, activity and sleep.  But the really fun part is sharing and encouraging other FitBit users to increase our  daily activity. 
My first FitBit suddenly quit working.  It is under warranty, so I called and got the best customer service representative.  He apologized, understood my frustration, offered to replace my band and even offered me free expedited shipping.  I was one happy customer!

A short time later, that band quit working.  Again I called, but got a different CSM.  He also apologized, said he would send replacement and took all my information.  That phone call was on a Monday,  the time frame was 5-7 business days.  No offer of expedited shipping, but that's ok.  On Thursday, I was getting excited to get the replacement when I got an email, my new band had just shipped....4 days after the order. 
Overall, I am very pleased with the product, the company and their willingness to guarantee the band and their customer service.  But the first CSM was just over the top. He got things done, went the extra mile and gained a happy customer review.
As employees, most of our co workers have various working skills. Some go the extra mile, some do just enough to get by.  In our culture today, it is often said that a hard worker is hard to find.  What makes a good worker...great?  What can we do in our jobs to ensure we are great workers?

Here are some ways to position yourself as an indispensable member of any team:

1. Help others without expecting much in return. Learn to take pleasure in watching others succeed.
2. Dedicate yourself to high standards. Bring your best to everything you do, and constantly raise the bar for yourself.
3. Do what you say you will do. Don't make commitments you cannot keep. Do what you say you will do and sometimes do more.
4. Be of value to others. Be the one people reach out to -- the one from whom people seek mentorship and coaching, information, and solutions.
5. Be open and adaptable. Learn to embrace change and help others see the benefits of moving with the tides.
6. Be honest. Whether it's a mistake, a missed deadline, or a bad judgment call, communicate openly and work hard to find good solutions to any problems you may have caused. Never engage in blame-placing.
7. Work hard and go the extra mile. People who are indispensable usually expand their role by going beyond their scope. Whatever their job is, they make a point of helping others and reaching out.
8. Learn more by being more. Do everything you can to make more of yourself. Volunteer for tasks outside your usual role; be eager to step up and take on more than your share. Do it with openness and effectiveness and a willing heart and mind, and it will make you invaluable.
9. Learn from every failure and every mistake. However bad the experience, learn to look at it and grow from it.
10. Focus on inclusion and collaboration. Learn to become the person who thrives on working with others.
11. Acknowledge and appreciate those around you. There's no surer way to gain respect then to acknowledge and appreciate those around you.
12. Stay positive. It's easy to become so focused on the finish line that you fail to enjoy the journey. Be positive and a joy to be around as you're building your success.
Remember, the people who go around saying they're indispensable never really are. Being indispensable doesn't come from ego but from what others think of you as you help them.

Be that member of the team!!

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