Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sports Baby

Our family has 3 sons and they have all been active and involved in sports from early ages.  There is a longer gap in age with our last son that with the older 2.  Growing up, the younger son was always on the go to a sports practice or game to watch his brothers.  Since he wanted to do everything they did, he made the baseball and soccer fields his little havens. 
Finally he was old enough to play!  Looking back through this blog, I found lots of sweet memories made on the sports field with the youngest.  (I've highlighted the older two for years!!). 

Baseball was the favourite for years...

Then we gave football a try..

Then he hit soccer and found what he loves to do...

Now that the baby is almost all grown up, it is great to reflect on the years of sports activities and life lessons learned from teamwork.

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