Monday, November 23, 2015

Week of Thankfulness Day 1

Here we are at the week of Thanksgiving!  All those plans to stop and give thanks daily through the month of November....began strong and then life happened!  Most days, I've tried to notice and be thankful for the abundant blessings God has given me.   But this week, I want to focus each day on the biggies!
Day 1 - Salvation
I didn't come from a Christian family.  By following the natural road of life familiar to me, many wrong choices were mad along with many wrong actions and the path to destruction was wide and I was heading full force down it. 
God graciously reached into my heart and shined His light to help me realize, there is something better and it is called grace. Grace given in spite of my sin to bring about a lasting change in my life. Christ died on the cross to forgive all of our sin and shame. His Word promised a new life when we accept His forgiveness. 
Some of my favourite verses are Psalms 103:2-5 for He has forgiven my iniquity, redeemed my life from destruction and crown me with loving kindness and compassion.

I live a different life now than in my earlier years, but never want to forget where He brought me out of.  Not to wallow in pity, but to reach out to others and say that I know where they are, but that there is hope.. Psalms 40:2

Salvation Grace, Mercy and New Life in Christ.  That is what I am thankful for today!

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