Monday, January 25, 2016

Spending vs Investing

We're not talking finances here, but something of greater value.  A recent question from a devotion..."What do you think is the difference between spending your life doing something and investing it in something?"  Do you have a way of regularly evaluating how productive you are being for God? 

As an active part of my local church, I 'do' a lot. Along with many other church workers, we have an active church, due to those who do a lot.
A recent addition of a weekly meal brought out several new and different tasks a Family Ministries team I am a part of do and love.  Food planning, shopping and preparation, connecting with many gracious volunteers turns out a fabulous meal each week.   Being a 'doer' gets things done and we often see fantastic results.

But investing, that is a little different.  Where 'doing' can come easy, investing asks us to put forth a little bit more.  We lose that mode where we simply do the task and see the completion.  Investing is more about sowing seeds and waiting for a harvest. Investing pours from us into the life of others, it may involve sacrifice, take us out of our comfort zone and often finds us working alone, but depending solely on God.  Doing can be easy and enjoyable, quick and fun.  Investing takes depth, wisdom and purpose to put our own needs aside for the betterment of someone else.  Are we willing to invest in the lives of others for their betterment?

Do we evaluate how productive we are for God?  That was a question I've never pondered before.  God doesn't require an evaluation, it is simply a tool for us to stop (amidst all the doing) and ask if this task is making a viable difference in another's life.  Is it touching, teaching or showing the things of God to another? 

As we go about our busy days, may we be sensitive and intentional to invest in someone else.

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  1. I have done so many 'things' over the years but am now at a place that I want to invest in other's lives, to encourage them, cook a meal when they are sick etc. It's so easy to do what others have planned at church, and they are needful, but that is not always what God calls us to do. I love hearing his voice and his promptings to help someone.


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