Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Taking the Challenge...

I love a good challenge, but usually find myself wearing out of the excitement after a few days.  Fitness challenges, eating well challenges, they help instill great habits, but I don't seem to do change very well!  Thankfully I have some good healthy habits in place, but there is always room for improvement.  

Push ups....does anyone like them?  They hurt, they are boring and who wants to do them every day?  But, the more I read about their benefits, the more inclined I am to try them. They work several muscle groups, help your posture and build core strength.  An article "Why the Push Up is the World's Greatest Exercise" tells the great benefits and demonstrates the proper form. 

So, with a new year and new fitness aspirations...I'm jumping in another 30 day challenge.  The 50 Push Up Challenge builds you up from 5 to 50 push ups in 30 days!  You can join the challenge HERE!  I can do 23 as of today without stopping!!  

The exciting thing about fitness challenges is not only the outward results you see, but the inner strength and satisfaction on the inside!  

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