Monday, January 4, 2016

There's Always Room for Love to Grow

There is just something about the New Year that make us want to be better.  When the slate is clean, such as the beginning of January, that isn't so hard.  But as days turn into weeks and the newness has worn off, it is the goals, dreams and resolutions that mean the most to us that will stand.
Marriage should be an area we want to continually see improve. Of course, that takes time, effort and loads of love!  There should never be a time we stop striving for better.  Most importantly, it is in those little areas where big changes can come.  A beautiful prayer from Marriage Prayers Today shares those everyday struggles and where to turn for overcoming help!
Dear Heavenly Father.
Love is holding your tongue when you’re angry, and stopping yourself when you’re about to say something you shouldn’t. It’s looking past imperfection to the find the good in your spouse. It’s patience.
Love is letting go of the small stuff as you hope and pray for the best in each other. It’s being strong when the other is weak. It’s a kind word on a tough day.

Love doesn’t give up because marriage is hard. It stands firm in the eye of a storm.

Love steps down so the other can shine. It’s more concerned about winning one’s heart than it is about winning an argument. It’s humble yet strong. It’s gives more than it’s given, and forgives before it’s forgiven
Teach us how to love the way we’re supposed to be loving. Help us to grow in Your will as we’re growing together and learning to love.
May this year find us seeking to grow and learn ways to be more loving in our marriages.

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