Monday, March 14, 2016

Which Sign? The Furthest One!

A few years ago when I first started running, I could not go very far.  Distance was measured in feet rather than miles.  I didn't know about apps and devices that keep time and distance for you, my goals were met by landmarks - an upcoming curve, a road sign or a driveway.  The more I ran, eventually endurance built up and I learned where the first mile marker was.  Hitting the goal was a huge highlight.  A few weeks later, hitting and then passing the goal is what hooked me on running.

On runs today, markers are still being used.  Running begins in the mind and the body follows. A fitness goal for this year is to increase mileage. Walk/run intervals are used to go longer with a goal of running a bit further over time.  I still use the landmarks as a point of reference, if I can just make it to that sign, I know I can walk and regroup. On the country roads where I run, there are numerous landmarks which are often close together.  Once a landmark is in place, there is usually one right beyond it.  When the sign is in sight and is almost within reach, I ask myself, "can you make it to the next sign?"  This strategy takes me further each time and builds more endurance. 

In Matthew there is a passage on going further..."And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two..."Matthew 5:41.  A Christian's life should be categorized as upright, law abiding, holding high morals.  But when a life is lived to please Jesus and represent Him and His love to the world, it needs to go a step further.  We should do what we know is good, but can we go a step further?  In our words, our thoughts, our actions, can we reach a little bit higher?  Sure, our goal is like that first sign I see while running, but can we train our hearts to always ask, 'can I go a little further?'  

God is the God of abundance, He forgives much, loves much and extends much grace.  He will never run out and will never fail to give to a willing heart abundantly what they need. That doesn't mean we live happy all the time, it means as we go, day in and day out, we can give grace because He gives grace.  In times of despair and hurt, He has comfort and strength.  He never runs low, we can draw freely from all He has and is. 

Peace, joy, kindness, hope, towards it, then go a little further!

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