Tuesday, May 31, 2016

7 Day Doubt Diet

Although the word 'diet' doesn't properly apply any longer to those times when we feel the need to make a change in our eating habits, the concept of change still exists.  The goal of a 'diet' is to work towards removing foods that cause unwanted results and increase foods which truly nourish and bring healthier results.  For many years, we've 'dieted' for a specific amount of time and then usually abandoned all that was done and gone back to 'normal' habits. 

I don't 'diet' but am always up for a good 'challenge'. 7 day or 5 day Clean Eating Challenges or a 30 Day Exercise Challenge can move me towards a goal, instill better habits and truly challenge me to do better and in the long run, establish healthy habits that last.

Sometimes our spiritual lives need a 'diet'. Or a time to limit the things that don't promote healthy spiritual lives and hinder us from being all we can be.  I found something I'm trying this week and wanted to share it!
The 7 Day Doubt Diet is 7 days worth of devotions with daily insights, powerful promises, and daily scripture-based prayers, The 7-day Doubt Diet can be done on your own or with a few friends, co-workers, neighbors or family as a journey of learning to lost the weight of self- doubt and gain the assurance of a confident heart.

Here is the information on how to get started:
Does doubt or discouragement every weight you down? Tired of carrying the heavy load of uncertainty and insecurity?
Do you want to join in losing the weight of discouragement and self-doubt? Renee Swope, from Proverbs 31 Ministries is offering a FREE “7-day Doubt Diet.” Just click here to enter your information in her sidebar, and you’ll receive a week’s worth of devotions from her  book, A Confident Heart.

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