Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Tale of Two Lunches

Within a few weeks we had two different unexpected visits from family on a Sunday. The first time, an aunt and uncle were in town and surprised us at church. Of course, we wanted to spend some more time with them, so we decided to go to a local restaurant for lunch. We arrived to find the place full and waited outside a while before sitting down together. The crowd and the noise made it difficult to hear one another, but we managed to catch up on each other's family and activities. The meal was rather quick and we said our goodbyes with promises to stay in touch and visit more in the future. 

 The second visit was from a brother and sister in law who made a weekend visit that was packed full of activities and finding time to visit two separate families. It had been months since the family had been together, so finding some free time Sunday afternoon we planned a lunch at home. A quick phone call to my dear mother in law asking if we could pull off a Sunday lunch for around 20 gave assurance we would have plenty of food. 

One of my special memories when dating my husband was his family's Sunday lunches. After church we would gather at his parent's or grandparent's house for a home cooked lunch and tons of sweet fellowship. That was many years ago and the family has grown tremendously in numbers and branched out in different directions which made Sunday lunches a rare treat. 

Back to the recent visit, we pulled off a spectacular Sunday lunch complete with relaxed fellowship, plenty of food and a time to relax and enjoy each other's company in a peaceful and cozy setting. Front porches were filled, tables were full, a birthday was celebrated and the day was filled with laughter and fun. So, two lunches, two families, equally loved but the atmosphere makes all the difference. Home seems to make everything sweeter!

The guys gathered together...

Sisters and Sister In Laws...lots of girl time!:

A little birthday celebration!

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