Monday, May 16, 2016

Mothering All Year

Mother's Day is over a week past now. Our beautiful flowers have died, that special lunch is a cherished memory, cards have been put away and another year of honor and appreciation hopefully have recharged our mother batteries.  

In the past week since Mother's Day we have probably spent a lot of time doing the mundane tasks of, grocery shopping, cleaning up messes and of course laundry!  Mothers vastly vary in ages and stages of life, but we all can identify with the same basic routines that come with the job.  Most mothers can also agree that motherhood stirs up emotions untouchable by any other relationships.  That precious life that was planted by the hand of God into our bodies, nourished by us, inside of us, then brought forth through birth is a true miracle.  One we can watch unfold day after day, year after year.  A true mission, and purpose that offers opportunities every day to mold, train and prepare for life. But in the midst of the everyday tasks, sweet blessings can abound if we look for them.  A baby's smile, child's laughter, even glimpses of light come in those teenage years!  Then as adults, even as they grow and mature, learn to live life on their own and don't 'need' us, our influence lives on!

Mom, your job is hard, and it is a blessing.  It can be filled with sorrows and with joys.  But your influence is vital and so needed.  Until Mother's Day comes around next year, may we seek to let that Mother's love make a difference every day!

Motherhood is more than a stage—
it’s a lifelong calling from God.
With it He gives us hearts that love deeply,
hands that serve tirelessly, and vision to see
His blossoming image in the precious ones
entrusted to our care.

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