Saturday, June 18, 2016

Celebrating June with Fathers, Love and Grace

This weekend, our 27th wedding anniversary and Father's Day are in the same weekend.  In the midst of celebrating, it is also a little bittersweet.  My father passed away within days of my wedding.  It was truly a devastating week, but also one where God's comfort and grace filled our hearts. Circumstances like that are where we find and experience God's grace.

Through those 27 years, there has been a time to grieve and a time to heal. A time to love and to allow God to grow us in love. Now, years later, a bit wiser but never at a place that stops growing and reaching for more, my heart is so full, it is overflowing!

As only God could orchestrate a life, He blessed me with a wonderful father.  He loved me, taught me many life skills, wisdom and embedded in my heart that I was loved and cherished. I was Daddy's girl, protected, adored and made to feel special from as early as I can remember. 

One area that lacked was a spiritual influence. I didn't realize it until my husband and I became Christians one year before we married. We entered our marriage determined to allow God to form us into a godly family, led by convictions to live with love, morally pure and do our best to bring honor to the Lord. That doesn't equal a perfect life or marriage, but in the midst of our weaknesses, hurt, pain and hardships, we found grace...God's great grace and His strength to always move forward. 

This weekend as I pondered Father's Day with so much thankfulness, I realized how abundantly blessed I am. My father's love had filled my heart and in the midst of the loss of that, I was immediately placed in the care of a family that understood and took seriously the role of men who were ready to be a spiritual father. From a husband who purposed even before children what kind of father he wanted to be to my father in law and brother in laws, this family had the desire to love and lead with integrity their families. As this weekend, we celebrate Father's Day, I am thankful in many ways.  For an earthly father, the wonderful father of my children and those who modeled before him how to be a good father and of course my Heavenly Father. God, the author of love, protection and the One who can meet every need. 

Every year for this blog, I do a June post, to remember and celebrate these monumental life changes. And, every year a new opportunity to reflect on and celebrate God's love comes to be!

So..Happy Father's Day from one thankful mama!

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