Friday, June 3, 2016

Honoring Jesus In the Home

If you ask most any Christian family if they want to honor the Lord in their home, most would immediately say "Yes"! A Christian family is one that believes in Jesus and strives to live upright, moral lives, doing good, blessing others, imitating behavior like Jesus - being "Christ like".  

But, in the home, where our day to day, real life attitudes come forth, things like our comfort, desires and needs scream out for some attention and honor too!

A recent sermon at our church was titled "Honoring Jesus".  There was this little section about honoring Jesus in the home.  It brought out a whole new awareness of what it means to honor Jesus. It impacts all that we are and all that we do.  We honor the Lord with our lives, in our God given roles and in our everyday choices.  It may mean making some choices to put Him first.  If we are going to honor Jesus in our home we've got to honor Him from our heart. 

Here is a powerful peek at what it truly means to honor Jesus in our home;

"As followers of Jesus Christ we should strive to have homes where Jesus is always the unseen guest. We should strive to live the kind of lives in private that could be viewed publicly without any embarrassment or shame.

Honoring Jesus in your home means making Him the Lord or Master of your home. It means that if Jesus were to come to your house today He would feel right at home. It means you would not have to spend hours getting rid of things or hiding things you would be ashamed for Him to see. It means there is no room, no closet, no drawer or cupboard into which He could not look. It means He would have free reign to go wherever He wanted and you would have nothing to hide.

Honoring Jesus in your home means He would feel comfortable watching what you watch, listening to what you listen to, joining in your conversations and reading your magazines and books. Honoring Jesus in your home means that His presence is always taken into account.

Honoring Jesus in your home husbands, means you treat your wife with the love and respect she is due. She is a gift from God to you and as your sister in the Lord, as one in whom the Spirit of God dwells, you honor Jesus in your home when you love her like you should.

Honoring Jesus in your home wives means loving your husbands as Scripture teaches. It does not mean being a doormat but instead being a partner, suitably fit for his needs. It means allowing him to be the spiritual leader and following his lead. It means showing him respect.

Honoring Jesus in your home children means obeying your parents, doing what they say without arguing; it means giving them the respect they deserve. After all, they are God's representative in your life."

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