Friday, June 10, 2016

Signs You Love to Run

It's been said if you run for recreation, no matter the speed or distance, you can safely call yourself a runner!  I LOVE being able to say "I"m a runner", it sounds so strong, so energetic and healthy!  For me it is one area I excel in simply because I'm doing it for me.  My distance and speed is only measured by how well I did last time.  It's not about competing against others but to see progress and watch goals unfold, that is what had me hooked on running.

Many of my friends are not runners and I"ve heard many of the comments of non-runners...."If you see me running, look behind me because I"m being chased", or "I could never run", "I've never ran 5 miles my entire life."  It's ok, we just keep moving on to find a more common ground.

But, for my runner friends...there are a few common identifiers we may share.  I found this cute little list and can surely resonate with a about you?

How do you know if you’re crazy about running?  See how many of these signs you can relate to.

  •   If you don’t have a time for a run, you find yourself in a bad mood by the end of the day.
  •   You get more excited to shop for running clothes than you do for regular clothes
  • You bought a pair of ugly running shoes because you know they’re the best ones for your gait/running style.
  •   You dread getting up early for work or school, but you excitedly pop out of bed for a run or race.
  •  If you overhear complete strangers talking about running, you somehow manage to work yourself into their conversation.
  • You get jealous when you’re driving and you pass someone running on the road.
  • When you get stuck in traffic, you look out the window thinking, “I could run faster than this.”
  • After you get home from a race, you first check your computer to see if the online results are posted and then search for your next race.

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