Monday, June 6, 2016

Things Are Different with Girls in the Family!

Our family celebrated a huge milestone last week...our daughter in law's graduation from college. Apparently, celebrations and traditions are a little bit more meaningful to girls than they are boys! Our oldest sons each received their college degrees but chose not to participate in the ceremony. Those treasured diplomas arrived in the mail with a 'well done' from mom and dad. This sweet girl gave us plenty of advance notice and invited us to come be a part of the celebration.  There was quite a group of supporters for her, with her family and friends and our family, we enjoyed the ceremony, and lots of pictures afterward, then continued our celebration at a seafood restaurant!  

Dad in law and his first daughter!

Because selfies are important to us girls!

Nothing like a supportive husband:

One big, happy bunch celebrating!

We dearly love our boys and all the blessings they have brought us through the years.  We are also so thankful for a spark of joy that comes with another girl in the family!  

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