Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Day at the Beach

"You can take the girl away from the beach, but you cannot take the beach out of the girl."  

I grew up as a child in a beach town.  Going to the beach was a regular family event. When as a teenager, my family moved away from the town with the beach, guess where we went for vacations?  Yep, the beach!  The beach is just a part of who I am!

My sweet hubby doesn't share that beach passion.  He is a mountain man, raised as a child vacationing in the mountains, swimming in mountain creeks, camping and enjoying the rugged outdoors. In our 27 years of marriage, he introduced me to mountain vacations which I dearly love, the majestic sights, the crisp, cool hikes and cozy mountain cabins, are all perfect in the fall.  But in the summer....I want the beach!  He doesn't see past the sticky salt air, the heat of summer and the sticking sand to experience the joys of the wind, waves and water.  But, bless his heart, he tolerates it almost yearly for me..what a great guy!

When we go to the beach, we have different ideas in our minds on how the day is to be spent. This year we went for a quick beach trip and it was probably the best trip ever. We decided it was ok to have different plans and merged what we both love about the beach together and spent a little time doing our own thing.  

Early morning walks on the beach were beautiful and the only cool part of the day.  Walking, talking and watching the sun rise were a perfect beginning to the day. Evening walks as the sun set were a perfect finish to a day with time spent together.  

The middle of the day, is where we have different ideas about beach time. He prefers the coolness of the motel room and some down time to relax. That is what vacation is for! My inner child comes out as I begin counting how much time we have left there and determine to make the most of the day. This year, we enjoyed early morning walks, breakfast together, then some beach time. After lunch, while he regrouped in the room, I hit the pool, then the fitness room, back to the room to get ready for evening plans.  But it worked out perfectly.  

One of the purposes of vacation is to enjoy time together and make some memories...mission accomplished!

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