Sunday, July 17, 2016

Good Plans Make for Great Weeks

This rarely happens, but Saturday found me with a day to spend at home, no place I needed to be AND...all the housework was done!  Laundry caught up, supper in crock pot and a day ready to do what I wanted to do!  Sweet hubby had some outside work to do, so once Gunsmoke was over and he headed outside, I grabbed the remote, hit the couch and took in an hour of The Pioneer Women on the cooking channel!
Would you believe that The Pioneer Woman is trying to eat healthier?  Right up my ally!  I found  a few 'have to try' recipes that will be happening this week at our home.   Then another show came on - Farmhouse Rules with more delicious recipes to try! 
This little blog of mine was started many years ago as an effort to be an encouragement to Christian women.  Not from one who has it all together, but to invite others to come along on the journey towards being a godly woman.  Amidst the challenges, joys and daily routines of life, God's grace is always there.   On days like today where is time to breathe, I love to plan.  Then I love to share here and keep a reminder before me! 
Here are two recipes I'm trying this week!
I'm using prepared hummus and leaving out the artichoke for the first try!!
Getting in a few mom points with these easy cookies!
I visit a lot of blogs and love how many have a passion and focus on one area.  I'm a little scattered and have several areas that important to me!  Some of my passions are family, creating a cozy home and a healthy lifestyle.  Good plans make for great weeks and when you can incorporate your values into actions, it's a great step to fulfil your passions of life.

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  1. So glad you had some time for yourself to find the new recipes! Terry also watches an early version of Gunsmoke in the mornings, also, then off he goes!!


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