Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Gift of Morning

I'm all about newness.  A chance to start over brings a sense of excitement and anticipation.  A new day, week, month, school season etc.  I love all new things!  What a fresh thought this week I had. Each new morning is a gift from God.  Another day, another glimpse of His goodness and another opportunity to do better than the day before. 

Over half my life, I've been a 'night owl', one who went to bed late and rose later in the morning.  Sleeping in for me was a true treasure, that I loved and did often.  Until, the children started school!  What a difference it makes, 'having' to get up early.  My sleep pattern changed to adapt, but out of necessity, not choice!

When our 3rd child was born, he was a terrible sleeper!  Slept very little at night and took short naps during the day.  He would usually wake me up very early, then after being fed, would go back to sleep, just about the time I needed to be getting up!  There is nothing more miserable than being woke up, then drifting back off only to have to get up a short time later!  So once he woke me early, I went ahead and got up.  That short space of time gave me the ability to get some things done and eventually I began to enjoy the early mornings.

Summer always brought the opportunity to sleep in a little later.  One summer, sweet hubby had back surgery and part of his recovery was to walk.  We would wake up at 6:30 each morning to walk together before I had to be at work.  At first it was unheard of..6:30 on a summer morning, but again, it worked well and I began to see that time as precious.

This year, the first days of summer began with that rejoicing of sleeping in a little later.  Although now, 7:00 is considered sleeping in!  As an avid walker, I began to juggle how to get my daily walks in while struggling with the heat of summer, jobs and dodging evening thunderstorms. Early mornings seemed to be the answer.  If I got up at 5:30 (just like school days), I could get a good walk in and get home in time to get ready for work. 

As I adapted to this new schedule, I began to enjoy it.  Getting up followed by coffee and devotion and a time to be outside as the day awakens is a beautiful time.  Inspirational podcasts while walking keep my mind and heart focused with great things for the day.  Taking time to see the sun rise almost takes my breath away.  The hush and stillness of the expectation of the new day is a powerful reminder that God is in control and of His great love.  

For years, I never understood why people would 'want' to get up I know.  A new morning is a gift from God.  

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