Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Works for Me Wednesday

What is the first thing you notice about people?  Many immediately notice eyes, or teeth, clothes or are attentive to body language. I'm a hair person. A new style is something that pops out to me in a friend or when meeting a stranger, hair is something I pay attention to.  Healthy hair and a cut I like often causes me to pause before becoming envious!  Just kidding, but I do appreciate good hair.

My obsession with hair is probably because I struggle with my own. I've learned to make friends with my hair instead of fighting against it! That means knowing it and letting it be what it naturally is made to be.  As one who has fine hair, through the years I have used tons of products which were supposed to give me full, voluptuous hair, sleek and shiny tresses and gorgeous tousles.  Mostly, these products just weighed my hair down!

I've finally found a shampoo product that works well with my hair.  The tradition I had for much of my life of shampoo and  conditioner was actually working against what I wanted to achieve. The cleaning agents in shampoo are usually sodium laurel sulfate / sodium laureth sulfate. These clean the oils from hair but can also strip all the natural oils and can be harsh and cause irritation. Shampoo bars are different. Shampoo bars are an all natural conditioning shampoo in a solid bar form. Although the process for making a shampoo bar is the same as making soap, shampoo bar recipes are specially formulated with natural plant oils, butters, botanicals and essential oils that nourish your hair and scalp.

I've been using shampoo bars for a few years now and love them!  They don't weigh my hair down and keep it conditioned due to the natural moisturizing ingredients.  I don't even use conditioner!

My favorite place to purchase these bars is Chagrin Valley Soaps.  They have a page filled with information about shampoo bars.  

So, if your hair is needing  new cleaning routine, check out shampoo bars.  Remember, some people, always notice your  hair!!

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