Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Being Your Best

Our family had been a home school family for a few years up until last August.  And, we truly enjoyed the time together educating our family and especially enjoyed the benefits of being home much of the time with a flexible schedule.  "Flexible" extended to our time and also our appearance.  If there was nowhere to be, getting dressed up or made up wasn't really a necessity!  Yoga pants and a t-shirt became my regular wardrobe!  On days when a town trip was to be made, I upped it a little bit, make up, hair and better clothes.  I once overheard the neighbor who had come to visit my son ask - "Where is your mom going?" since simply due to my change of clothes she knew I was headed out!!  

In August, my son went back to school and our home and routine did a vast makeover!!  Up and out became our morning goal. Our morning routine went from one of leisure to one where every minute was accounted for and utilized.  We now have a deadline to leave the house and places to be.  After dropping my son off at school, I headed to work. But, even in the midst of time crunches, the only thing not interrupted or skipped was my new beauty routine!  Hair, make up and nice clothes became a necessity!  I learned to perfect my routine, but never to skip it!!

As women, we go through a lot to keep up our appearance!  A lot of time, effort and expense!  Although it is important to carry ourselves well strive to be our best, like everything else in life, our appearance has its place.  One of my favorite authors, Elizabeth George shared some powerful words on this subject recently...

Caring for your appearance has a place, but don’t let it become a worry or obsession. You look exactly as God meant you to look. 
Make sure to:
-Fix up—what you have with a little makeup now and then.

-Dress up—with clothes that are appropriate for the occasion and make you feel good.
-Shape up—with an exercise routine that gives you energy.

Tend to that heart of yours. The best beauty treatment of all is time spent quietly before the Lord.

As women, we are accustomed to balancing things! We know how to put things into proper priorities, juggle multiple tasks and give attention to detail.  These few words simplify and encourage us as women to rest in God as Creator.  As we seek Him, the beauty of the Lord is what shines through and that is something so beautiful, it cannot be bought, produced or duplicated!

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