Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Developing Uncommon Friendships

Some of the best advice I ever received from my father was to practice and perfect the skill of relating to people of all walks of life. He encouraged me to be able to find common ground with those I come in contact with and to extend kindness and treat everyone the same.  He told me if I practiced that quality, I would be a respected person and be comfortable in all social situations.

That sounded wonderful as a child, but as an adult it seems so easy to relate to those who we have much in common with.  Young wives flock together, mothers gravitate towards other mothers to share similar stories and seek solutions to everyday issues. Church family bonds together beautifully, sharing love, fellowship, compassion and joy.  Adding to those comfortable relationships is the time crunch of our culture.  It takes time to develop close relationships. 

A saying I learned growing up was "the best things take a little more effort".  Easy is within reach of everybody, but to stretch and grow, it takes a dose of determination and the practice of being intentional.  

A blogger review came available "Developing Uncommon Friendships".  My communication skills and mindset to connect with others needed a challenge, so I agreed to review this product.

In this eCourse, TGIP co-founders Jon Huckins and Jer Swigart challenge common perspectives
and offer a practical guide for developing uncommon friendships. Throughout this five-week
course, you will go on a journey that will equip you to See, Immerse, and Contend with and for
those whom you have othered. Ultimately, you will learn to develop collaborative relationships
that lead to tangible restoration.
• A 5-week eCourse, complete with practical tools for Everyday Peacemaking
• What do you get?
o Five weeks of content, each containing 3 practical tools that will equip you as an Everyday
o Lifetime access allows you to begin the course at any time, and move through the content
at your own pace.
o Unique theological teaching on neighbor love and enemy love that will invite you into a
transformative life of discipleship.
o A curriculum packet designed to guide you through the experience complete with
reflection questions, Everyday Peacemaking practices, and content appropriate for all
levels of training.

HERE is the link with a complete description of the course. 

This course was a great reminder for me as well as a challenge to seek out and connect with those outside my immediate comfort zone!  

If you are interested in a discount for this course, there is a coupon code for a $5.00 discount.  Type in blog to receive the discount.  

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