Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Friday Faves..on a Tuesday!

How is it that some weeks go by smoothly with a balanced schedule and other weeks are crammed to overflowing?  

We are still adjusting to the school routine which now includes school pick up, driving son to golf practice, home for a few minutes, the pick up from golf practice. 

This week we added an evening event at work, a leadership conference, a church meeting and a ladies fellowship night.  I've grown used to loving a few evenings at home, this week there were very few!

In fact, "Friday Faves" are coming through on Tuesday! This week is slower and gives some time to breathe.  But here are my 'last Friday' faves!

Sweet hubby....one of the hardest working men ever.  Up and out very early, long, demanding days at work and this week, he jumped in and did the running around while I was tied up.  He took son to golf practices, FFA meetings, he made sure golf clubs got transferred from one car to another and takes the trash off while he leaves before dark.  What a guy!  

Leadership conference...this was the perfect week to go to a workshop _"How to Make Your Home a Sanctuary".  Learned some great truths about making our home a place of peace, rest and joy.  Practical how to's - speak kindly, laugh often, love generously, work without complaining.  Some special things to hold on to.

Fall decorations...every year I get so excited about fall.  I love to decorate the house with the glorious fall colors and adorable fall decor.  The plan this year was to wait until September to drag the fall decorations out....BUT I noticed the cutest fall things in Wal Mart and on Saturday decided to 'just look through my storage tubs' to see what I had and what I may need.  Well, I just couldn't resist, put the fall decorations up.  But was able to sort through them, organize them better and even give some away.  

Ladies fellowship...delicious finger foods, laughter, fellowship and a wealth of godly wisdom from an older lady who simply oozes the love of God from her.  That was our church ladies fellowship.  A breath of freshness and renewal!

Summer runs....August is HOT here! But a fitness change was needed.  I love a daily walk and a good run a couple times a week.  The early morning walks of summer won't fit in now and the thunderstorms easily cancel out evening walks.  There is some free time in the afternoon while waiting for school to get out, so I began getting a run in then.  OH, it was hot!  But with proper precautions, I got in a couple great runs which got better as the week went on.  Fitness wise, I love how a healthy body responds.  Strength comes from good exercise habits and when you stretch yourself, your body responds!

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