Monday, August 22, 2016

Marriage Monday -PRAY

This sweet photo popped up in my Facebook memories.  I smiled as I thought back to the day and moment.  It was the day of my firstborn son's wedding and all of the girls gathered around the beautiful bride to say a prayer.  That day the prayer was one of rejoicing and thankfulness.  God had answered the prayer of both sets of parents when they asked for the perfect mate for their child.  We thanked God for this couple and prayed for a beautiful ceremony and a blessed marriage.
This photo was taken 2 years ago and every day I still pray.  Early every morning with a cup of coffee and the Bible close by, I ask God to bless their marriage, to keep their hearts towards Him and to love one another.  This is done while I daily pray for my own 27 year old marriage. 
Why keep on praying?  Because after the glitter and glow of love and the years of newness, those two lives merge into one, but it does not happen overnight.  Daily choices have to be made as we face differences in personalities, the way we handle situations, how we spend money, what we like to eat and most importantly, how we deal with these differences.

Years go by and there is always a time of being chiselled into one.  Those touchy areas that don't want to conform, like pride, selfishness and desiring things our own way. It may be easy to find fault, lay blame and fight tooth and nail for our own way. But ultimately, pouting, hollering, nagging or any other tactic will not change the other person. The only part of the team we can change is our self. 

That is why we pray.  Only God can change the heart.  Marriage takes a huge dose of daily love, patience and kindness.  Grace is a beautiful thing to breathe in and fill up on.  With a heart filled with grace we understand we are not perfect, but God loves us greatly.  What we receive, we can more freely give out. When we pray for our life to pour out grace, we are kinder, more loving and more gracious.  We learn to think of others instead of automatically thinking of our self.  God does a work in our heart that affects our marriage, home and family.  When we pray specifically for our spouse, for their best, our love and the desire to do them good grows.  If we want a happy marriage, this is a great starting point...prayer.

A few resources I've found about praying for our spouse and good marriage books are:

Thirty One Prayers For Your Husband

Praying God's Word for Your Husband  

Letters to My Daughters - The Art of Being a Wife

There are many great resources about prayer for your spouse.  But nothing is more powerful than making the investment to daily spend time and pray!

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