Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Secrets of the Very Fit

I love the sound of those outrageously healthy words such as 'superfoods'.  If you've ever looked over the list of 'superfoods' and liked some of them, you feel like a pro!

I recently found some health tips called "Secrets of the Very Fit". Sounds like a total lifestyle transformation, but these are small doable changes which over time are established into great habits which in turn create a healthy lifestyle.  Implementing these changes bit by bit isn't hard and the benefits are wonderful!!  Pick a few to begin and before long, you will be one of the 'very fit'!

Secrets of the Very Fit 
  1. Limit caffeine and exposure to even secondhand smoke.
  2. Keep a water bottle with you at all times and drink from it often. Water should always be your drink of choice. To kick things up every once in a while, try adding lemon, lime, cucumber, or a few berries to liven up the flavor without adding significant calories.
  3. Stick with eating plans you can maintain indefinitely. Remember that no matter how hard you're working out, if you're consuming too many calories, you'll never see the muscles that lie beneath layers of fatty tissue.
  4. Keep a daily log of what you're actually eating. This includes every time you grab a handful of chips here or eat the crust of your kid's sandwich there, and ALL of your snacking.
  5. Enjoy an occasional (once a week) "unhealthy" treat, but never an unhealthy week or unhealthy vacation.
  6. If your diet is unbalanced, take daily vitamin and mineral supplements for total health.
  7. Don't compare your body to others'. Instead, work to be your personal best.
  8. Move beyond the boundaries of weight loss and into total fitness. Measure success by the way your clothes fit, not some number on a scale.
  9. Get adequate amounts of sleep, but remember that people who exercise regularly fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.
Be encouraged to give a few of these a try and see if you don 't feel and look great!

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