Sunday, August 7, 2016

Which Faith Is Yours?

Every now and then I come across something much older, but timeless.  "Which Faith Is Yours?" is a quote I found a long time ago, but outlines the difference in passive and active faith and which one we will choose.

May this Lord's Day, our faith be awakened and our trust reach out to the Living God who will never fail us!

Passive faith accepts the word as true but never moves.
 Active faith begins the work to do, and thereby proves.
Passive faith says, "I believe it! every word of God is true. 
Well I know He hath not spoken what He cannot, will not, do.
 He hath bidden me, 'Go forward!' but a closed-up way I see, 
When the waters are divided, soon in Canaan's land I'll be. 
Lo! I hear His voice commanding, 'Rise and walk: take up thy bed'; and,
 'Stretch forth thy withered member!' which for so long has been dead. 
When I am a little stronger, then, I know I'll surely stand:
when there comes a thrill of heating, I will use with ease my other hand.
 Yes, I know that 'God is able' and full willing all to do: 
I believe that every promise, sometime, will to me come true.
 "Active faith says, "I believe it! and the promise now I take, knowing well, as I receive it,
 God, each promise, real will make. 
So I step into the waters, finding there an open way; 
Onward press, the land possessing; nothing can my progress stay. 
Yea, I rise at His commanding, walk straightway, and joyfully. 
This, my hand, so sadly shrivelled, as I reach, restored shall be. 
What beyond His faithful promise, would I wish or do I need? 
Looking not for 'signs or wonders,' 
I'll no contradiction heed, well I know that 'God is able,' and full willing all to do: 
I believe that every promise, at this moment can come true.
 Passive faith but praises in the light, When sun doth shine. 
Active faith will praise in darkest night-- Which faith is thine?

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