Monday, September 12, 2016

Behave In Fitness Class

I enjoy group fitness, but it doesn't often fit into my schedule. In the past I have taken Zumba classes at a local women's fitness center.  The classes were great, but full!   So many people and so little room encourages me to be on my best behavior and considerate of others.

 I found a cute article 13 Things Your Aerobics Instructor Won't Tell You.  Thankfully, not many apply to me, but it's always nice to have a reminder of how to behave and be considerate of the group leader!!  Here are a few highlights from the article.

This is some of the things an instructor may think, but never say:

Follow my lead. I get aggravated when students do a different workout than the one I’m teaching -- and they're in the front row! You come to class but choose to do your own thing... really, what's the point?!

Leave your cell phone at home. Can you not exercise for an hour without checking your text messages?
I wish you’d be more vocal.  When you've had a great workout, but save the moaning, grunts and complaints for home.

Dress Appropriately.  Ladies, consider wearing a cami or additional liner under your low cut  yoga tops.

When you're sick, stay home. You may want to sweat out your cold or flu, but I don't want your germs, especially when you want a really good workout and position yourself in the front row and cough and sneeze your way through the class.

 It kills me when you come into the fitness studio without water!  Proper hydration is just so important that I mandate a water break just after the turbo section of class. It’s my biggest pet peeve because I am going to make you sweat!

In past years, I've had a variety of fitness instructors and have such respect and appreciation for them as they encourage others to meet health goals.  This was a cute reminder to be on our best behaviour in gym class!

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