Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Faith

Friday is here again and instead of sharing my favorite moments of the week, there were some Scriptures that were not just my a highlight of the week, but were life and breath to my soul. 

There is a Scripture chain going around Facebook where for 10 days you share a favorite Scripture and tag others to do the same.  I don't have time to participate, but the idea is wonderful.

At our home this week, we are adjusting to a new normal. We went from an organized schedule consisting of work, church, activities to a time of intentional rest and healing for our son.  Some of our days involved keeping the house quiet while he rested, then a full day of doctor visits. We are alternating activity without becoming overwhelmed. 

Times like this draw us to seek comfort and strength from the Lord.  When we are alert and asking for guidance, God's Word provides a hope that is found no where else.  Situations we don't choose to go through can be likened to a tunnel, the only way out is to go through it. 

A devotion read this week recounted Jesus' wilderness experience.  He entered in, led by the Holy Spirit to be tempted and tried and He exited filled with the Holy Spirit and empowered. "Desert places can become places of deliverance and God can even turn spiritual desert into times of refreshment." Jesus often meets us in the desert places of life.

A verse many use in times of trouble is Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose."  At the end of this tunnel, we are looking for good - God's good. 

A mama's heart gets overwhelmed thinking of the 'what if's'.  God truly spared our son's life. God is the Author and Finisher of our faith. He has great plans for each of us and a reminder quote was "if your still breathing, God's not done". 

The road ahead will be challenging. Fear always lurks close by. A sermon heard challenged my faith with thoughts such as "The true secret to living brave is not in trying to fear less. The real secret is in learning how to TRUST GOD MORE!".   
"You can't truly be an overcomer until you have faced some obstacles that you have to come over."

Scripture that builds that faith needs to be within reach at all times, but during times of challenge it is our lifeline.  At the beginning of a 'health journal' we are keeping to keep medicine times straight, observations and notes, the first page is a page of Scripture we are praying. These truly bring grace and peace to our home and family.  They are powerful and allow us to speak life.  The power of life or death is in our tongues. This week, our faith was lifted by speaking life. 

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