Friday, September 16, 2016

From Friday to Friday - A Big Swing

Last Friday found me a little bit out of my element. Several co-workers and myself were finishing up from a few days at a ministry conference. It was a wonderful few days of bonding together, sharing and growing in the knowledge of how to minister to others. Beautiful accommodations, excellent workshops, just a wonderful experience.

But, no matter how beautiful and accommodating the conference was, there is no place like home. A Saturday spent at home after being gone a few days was pure bliss. 

But after that day of restoration at home, the new week took a different turn.  On Sunday evening our 22 year old son was involved in an atv accident and was life flighted to a trauma center an hour away.  He suffered severe head trauma and spent several days in ICU, but was stable and able to communicate with us some.
This was the new view for the beginning of the week.

Lots of time spent here at the bedside through the week. As the adrenaline wore off, there was time to ponder and be still. So many 'what if's' began to crowd my mind.  As they did, I was reminded of God's great grace, protection and peace.  He truly upheld each of us and showed Himself mighty as our Healer, Protection, Suppler, Comfort and Strength. Any mama who has sat at the edge of a hospital bed will understand a depth of gratitude that truly overwhelms the heart.  God is so good. 

On Wednesday, he took a turn for the better.  After days of barely communicating, barely being able to follow simple commands, extreme grogginess and  nausea, we saw some improvement. Through out the day, he became more alert, able to communicate and begin the road to recovery. 

This son is the personality of our family, he is outgoing, friendly and in the middle of the social scene, he truly is the life of the party.  He had friends that came to the hospital the night of the accident and every night he was there.  Even when he couldn't respond to them or remember they were there, they kept coming back. Finally on Thursday night, they came again, and he gladly welcomed them!

This Friday finds him ready to be released from the hospital and a family with a full heart.  My Friday Faves are the deep things that can only be found in a crisis, the loving support of friends and family, doctors and health care workers and their fabulous care, so many willing to step in and help out to make sure every need was met.  But most of all, the loving care of a Heavenly Father, who holds all life in His hands, His love reaches down when we are weak, and He guides us and fills us with His peace, comfort and strength.  Thank you, Lord, for Your unfailing love. 

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