Friday, September 23, 2016

Mama Always Said 'It Could Always Be Worse'

A fond childhood memory for me was to hear my father lovingly share about the time he and my mother first met.  Dad was a city boy from Boston, Mom was a country girl who moved to the city for school, which is where they met.  Dad tells of trying to get to know her and the vast difference in their culture and upbringing.  My favorite story is when Dad asked Mom if she liked tropical fish, (he loved aquariums and looking at beautiful tropical fish), she replied, "I've never tasted any!"  To her, fish was only to be a meal, that how things are in the country.  

My sweet mama wasn't a woman full of wise words, but she was a true servant.  She loved others unconditionally and she demonstrated it through meeting needs.  But, one of the wisest things she ever said to me was, "no matter how bad it is, somebody always has it worse than you.". She told me that in the midst of her husband dying a traumatic death 8 days before my wedding. As she grieved her husband and faced terrible circumstances surrounding the situation, she placed her focus on the wedding and made our occasion her priority. She reminded us often with thanksgiving, that 'it could be worse'. These weren't just words spoken, it was how she lived her life.

Our family recently faced a crisis as our son was involved in at ATV accident.  Most of the time a crisis turns our focus and attention inward, to our immediate needs.  It is very easy to become consumed by the situation and see only what is going on in front of us.  Thankful - doesn't begin to describe our hearts, they are truly full to overflowing with thanks to God for His mercy and help in this situation.  Our son is alive and on the road to recovery. 

We spent several days in the hospital with our son in the trauma department and ICU ward. Walking by the same waiting rooms each day we saw many families going through crisis.  Mama's words rang true day after day, it could be worse.  Day after day, we heard the sound of the life flight helicopter landing.  We now understood, that meant more than emergency, a family was about to walk through a traumatic, life altering time. 

We met a few people who will be forever etched in our hearts. They continue to be in our prayers for they have a long, hard battle.  Will you join me in praying for these ones we met, but there are so many more.

J. - who was shot, unable to recognize his mother for days.  This will be a long path to healing for them.
H - a young teenager involved in a car accident. He is very critical and it is a day by day situation.
J - came across the country to be with his mother after her auto accident. She passed away and he is far from home with no one to be with him.
The lady sitting alone in the waiting room crying - a promise of prayer was made to her.
A patient with an aneurysm, whose faithful family sat in the ICU waiting room, praying for her recovery.
A family dealing with critical injuries for 2 young children due to an auto accident.

Yes, it can always be worse. But there is hope, God is a healer, helper, comforter and our strength.  God is bigger than the situation and He is able to work all things out for good.  He knows all, sees all and holds all power in His hands.  So, as it can always be worse, there is always room for God to work.  "If your still breathing, God's not done with you."  Nothing is impossible with God. 

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