Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fearing the Unknown

It has been said that it is useless to worry about what might happen because the things we worry about most, usually never happen.  It's the situations that slip in while we are worrying that blindside us.  Fearing the unknown or what may could happen has been an issue for me through the years. 

As a Christian, I know and believe that God is in total control. As a child of God, I know He loves me and will take care of me, even through hard times.

Through a recent crisis, in the midst of all the fears I had, God continually worked things out in a variety of ways. Our family came face to face with one of our greatest fears.  No amount of worrying could have prepared my heart for this, but I learned the only way to get through was to keep walking and keep faith that God was with us. When my focus shifted to thanking Him for all He was doing in the midst of the situation, fear lost its grip.  Faith is the antidote for fear. 

A highlight of some recent days was a morning walk accompanied by a sermon series of Faith.  Day after day, my heart was ministered though God's Word and teaching and reminded that He is greater, that He has a plan and that He is able. 

Troubles will come in this life, but our faith can make a difference. When we choose to put our faith in God, our fears will lose the power to overwhelm us.  These are some of the notes that were used to build my faith.

Your greatest spiritual growth in life happens when your FAITH intersects with God’s FAITHFULNESS

Don't see the unknown as a tragedy waiting to be faced. God wants us to see it as an opportunity waiting to be embraced

Your greatest spiritual growth in life happens when your FAITH intersects with God’s FAITHFULNESS

We never choose to face hard times, but God's Word assures us that no pain or trial is wasted, but is used for our good. These are the times we draw near to God and He pours His love, courage, comfort and strength into us. This is where our faith grows and through the fires of trials, is perfected and made genuine. 

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