Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fit for Strength, Fit to Endure

What's so important about being fit? Some people love how taking care of their bodies makes them look -toned, healthy, in shape, muscular etc. Others love how fitness makes them feel, energetic, clear headed, strong.  Some do it because it's simply a good thing for the body to do. They may go through the motions of right eating and exercise, just because it's good for them.

No matter what the reason, healthy habits are good for you, but an added bonus is if you enjoy them. When you enjoy them, you make these habits a regular part of your daily routine.  Days, weeks, months and years can go by with visible results, but the greatest result may not be seen. 

I've been blessed to have a desire and love for fitness along with available time to engage several times a week in it. But a recent family crisis totally derailed the routine.  A son's accident put everything that wasn't absolutely necessary on hold.  Fitness was the last thing on my mind as days of bedside sitting, hospital food and a good dose of stress and worry filled the days. Adrenaline only carried us so far, then dropped as the reality of keeping things together simply to meet our basic needs came clear.  Physically, our bodies found a strength to keep going in the midst of it all.  We were weary, but able to recover with short bouts of rest, busy but able to keep up with this crisis pace without collapsing.  This was due to the physical strength stored up in our bodies. We were able to endure through the fog and strength zapping circumstances because of the healthy habits formed. 

Being spiritually fit is even more important. Building up with reading God's Word, prayer, surrounding our hearts and minds with godly influence daily is how to stay spiritually fit. This was an area for our family where we relied, trusted and found exactly what we needed during this time. There was no time for the daily coffee and devotion which is the usual morning routine. Prayers were whispered at the hospital bedside and when our son was whisked off to undergoing tests.  They were quick, urgent pleas for help and healing.  Like physical crisis', we never know when we will face a spiritual storm, something that tests our faith and tries to sidetrack us. But through laying the day by day foundation, we can put God's Word in our hearts and bring it up in times of distress.  His promises of peace, healing, strength can come to us and bring us hope. Our hearts are trained to look to God, to pray, knowing He hears and answers. We learn to trust Him with our everyday struggles of life and build our spiritual muscle. When the times of desperation come, we know how to trust, to pray to read the Bible, we already know 'from where our help comes from'.  Our help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. 

May we be encouraged to look at fitness as a tool to help us endure, to build our strength, to equip us for challenging times. May we  be intentional about becoming spiritually fit, by making time each day to build our faith through reading God's Word, prayer and keeping our eyes on Him.  These things put daily into our heart will yield a harvest of righteousness but also equip us for all  times. 

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