Monday, November 7, 2016

Weekend Blessings

This was a fabulous weekend to continue 'counting my blessings'!  A short shot of cooler air hit our area which made the weekend feel wonderful.  That in itself is a huge 'Thank You, Lord'!  This was a weekend at home, open windows, cleaning house, no rushing around.  Some call it boring, I love a weekend like this every now and again!

November 5 - thankful for morning runs and podcasts.  Was able to log in good distance and listen and grow from 3 podcasts...learning about leadership, missions and God's purpose.

November 6 - Sweet hubby had to work the weekend.  Usually on those weekends, the boys and I grab a quick lunch out.  One of my son's friends called and was planning to drop by on Sunday.  Then he asked, is 'your mom cooking'?  What a blessing Sunday lunch is, being able to prepare it and knowing it is more than food, but fellowship and love expressed. 

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