Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Welcome, November!

November is here!  This is my favorite time of the year and November is one of my favorite months.  Fall is in full swing, excitement is building about the upcoming holidays and this month usually sparks a beautiful change in attitude as contentment, kindness and gratitude are on our minds.

For years, I've attempted the November challenge of daily coming up with something to be thankful for.  The first two weeks are pretty easy, along with the majority, I'm thankful for faith, family, health, food, jobs, etc.  Once the major blessings are named, it gets a little harder to share every day.

This November, I'm going to give something else a try.  God is the Giver of all things and any thanks needs to go to Him first.  Everything flows from Him and it is much more than what He gives, but so much consists of simply who He is. (Prince of Peace, Strong Tower, Mighty God, God of Hope etc.)  His names and attributes remind us of how powerful, how loving and how good God is. My goal is to go to the Bible each day and find one of those attributes, names or gifts from God.  I'm not going to share every day, but hopefully weekly will post about what I've found.

Gratitude begins in the heart and follows through in our words and actions.  This November, may we be encouraged to fill our minds and hearts first with the beauty of good seeds that we can daily sow.  Let's look for a harvest of God's goodness this month!

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