Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Creativity

"I am not creative." Although this is true, it has also been my mantra (or excuse) when a task stretches me.  There is a big difference between being crafty and being creative.  I definitely am not crafty, but I am learning that we all have some creativity in us. Creativity is born out of limitations rather than abundance. The less we have, the more creative we must be. 

The day after Thanksgiving is traditionally when I like to put up our tree.  This year as the Christmas boxes were being unpacked, the fact that there would be a Christmas gathering within the week added a little pressure for things to be 'just right'.  But obstacles started coming....we had to change the usual place the tree went.  Then went putting decorations up, things just didn't 'flow'.  I began a mental list of those talented ladies who could come help me make this work, but there wasn't time for that.

Since I am a Pinterest fail, there was no use looking for ideas. Finally, I decided to stop and think about what our decorating style was, what caught the eye and what our family would enjoy seeing at home. Just a few days before the event, the tree went up. This adorable tree skirt was found at a local consignment shop. I love the old fashioned look it has and decided to build upon that. 

After the tree went up, somehow the ornaments saved from year to year were about half the amount that was put up last year!  A trip to the dollar store and these adorable ornaments fit the theme perfectly.

Of course for a dash of elegance, Hobby Lobby had their ornaments half price!

I love the powerful words of Christmas...peace, joy, love...

A Facebook friend shared decorations on top of kitchen cabinets...I've never thought of that!!  (Told craftiness!)  A snowman family bargain and some garland turned out great!  A peek while waiting in Hobby Lobby at red ornaments sprinkled in added the perfect touch.  

The week was spent decorating, now it's time to enjoy the rest of the season.  A Christmas coffee mug is a must and an old devotional renews each day with reminders of the true meaning of Christmas.  

We all have the capacity for creativity in our own way.  Sometimes it just takes a little digging!  

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