Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Potpourri

I just found this amazing recipe for a simmering Christmas potpourri. I was actually looking for some clip art and stumbled over to The Yellow Bliss Road!  It would be wonderful on a cold winter's evening to have this on the stove permeating the air with a warm fragrance.  Unfortunately, our Christmas weather will be warm, with temperatures in the 80s!  Instead of craving warmth and comfort, we'll have the air conditioner going and seeking relief from the heat! 

But, eventually it will cool off and this is a must try for a cold winters night.  There’s no better combination than citrus and cranberry mixed with cinnamon and spices. This is a simple recipe that you can simmer on your stovetop or in a crockpot to help fill your home with these delicious scents. All of these ingredients are combined in a small pot on the stove.

It's a little late, but this would make a great gift!

Can't wait to try this out!

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