Sunday, December 4, 2016

Higher Expectations Met Through Our Abundant God

"People who expect nothing will never be disappointed."  That's what the little paper said that came from the fortune cookie.  All my life I've held to the thought of preparing for the worst.  With that mindset, situations usually end up on the better side but low expectations usually mean less disappointment.  Anticipation is said to be the major part of an event.  My level of anticipation stays low 'just in case it doesn't go as planned'.  Perhaps this has always been a defense mechanism, guarding against disappointment, but there comes a time to rise up and gain some courage!

Being an avid walker, several hours a week are spent walking.  I consider these walks 'my time', where I can relax, get rid of the stresses of the day and also do something healthy for my body. In an attempt to fit in some spiritual exercise, I have a variety of podcasts to listen to.  Many of them offer resources that often I just have to have!  

A recent podcast interviewed the author of "I Want It All".  The introduction shared the exact thoughts and feelings of low expectation I have had for so long.  The sub title of the book is, "exchanging your average life for deeper faith, greater power and more impact."  Wanting it all isn't about a selfishness, but a meekness, acknowledging God is able to transform and equip us.  

Most Christian women have the desire for more.  Here is an exert from the book that probably sums up that desire..."I want to live beyond ordinary.  I want revival.  Authentic, soul level revival...I want to live a new kind of beauty.  One that is deep and mature, far beyond my ordinary tendencies. 
I want:
God's grace to trump my grouchy.
His peace to quiet my anxiousness.
His plans and power to blow away my small thinking.
His love to annihilate my indifference.
His holiness to consume my sin.
His disciplines to prune away my rebellion.
His vision to purify my heart and purify the world in and through me. 

God has a plan for each of us, much more than the average life, measured by the culture around us. We were created to be women of impact who is so aware of the love of God that we can't help but expect His greatness, power and grace to shine from us. 

Trusting in my own self, my expectation are low, but God's Word speaks vision and life to us each day and reminds us of the beauty available to us through Christ. A beauty reflected out that brings Him glory. Where I lack, He can fill abundantly. 

 "If God is your partner, make your plans big." D.L. Moody 

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