Monday, December 19, 2016

The First and Most Important New Years Resolution


Christmas is not here yet, but it's coming fast!  It will be quickly followed by a New Year.  While it is very important this time of the year to be intentional with our time, talents and making memories, it is also a time to peek a little bit ahead.

The New Year is a wonderful time to gain a fresh perspective on life, to ponder plans, to move toward goals.  There is much momentum behind us urging us on, but it is also a deep time for soul searching.  

Most Christian woman have the same basic vision, for growth in the Lord.  To know Jesus more, to be more Christ-like in our actions, words and attitudes. We long for those characteristics found in Proverbs 31...kindness, wisdom, dedication etc. to be evident in our lives. While the basic desires of Christian women may be the same, there are many, individual areas each of us look for growth in. 

The best way to achieve these goals, big or small is a daily quiet time. Yes, this is the term we hear in our Sunday School classes, Bible Studies and from our pastors.  It is a consistent time set aside each day to focus on God. Although each quiet time will look different, it is the powerful components of prayer, Bible Reading and meditation that bring the desired attributes we are seeking in our lives. 

A quiet time does not 'just happen'.  It takes time, dedication, scheduling changes and will probably constantly have to be revamped.  Spiritual growth doesn’t happen overnight. Knowing God’s Word, there are no shortcuts, no quick fixes to that, but you’ll notice over a period of time that you are growing and that it’s been God’s Word that has had that influence in your life. That is the importance of sticking with it. 

I've found a fabulous resource to get the year started off right in the Word.  40 Days of Prayer and Scripture. Here is the description: "For the first 40 days of 2017, we are committing to read a short passage from Psalms and pray each day. And we want you to join us."

After the 40 Days of Prayer you will have:
✓ Read through the Book of Psalms
✓ Prayed every day
✓ Developed a habit
✓ Set the tone for 2017

If you would like to participate in this free reading challenge, click 40 Days of Prayer to sign up. Once you sign up for this free plan, you’ll get a downloadable PDF of the complete 40 Days of Prayer Guide as well as beautiful art. Beginning January 1, each day you’ll receive an email with the day’s Psalms reading, prayer, and a pretty inspirational image to keep you motivated and help you focus.

This is the most important resolution you can make for the New Year and here is some encouragement to keep it!

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