Sunday, January 22, 2017

Bible Reading Record Keeper

January is a good time to begin great habits!  Newness is contagious and we are often inspired to make some changes that are needed in our lives.  For the Christian woman, reading God's Word should always hold a priority in our hearts.  There are many wonderful devotion plans and books out there, but God's Word is the authority and foundation. 

Many Christians like to read the Bible through and use the New Year to get a good start. Even if that is not your plan, be encouraged to read a book of the Bible through.  Here is a great resource to help keep track of the books read.  This is a huge undertaking that will entail lots of time (life changing time!). 

Here’s how it works:

  • Print the record keeper and tape it on the inside cover of your favorite Bible.
  • Fold or trim the paper so the edges don’t stick out.
  • Fill in the date when you begin reading a book of the Bible.
  • Write the new date when you complete that book.
Click on the  Free Printable to get your plan and begin the journey that leads to great blessing. 

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