Thursday, January 12, 2017

Walking Down Memory Lane

Several years back, my husband had surgery on his back that entailed a long recovery time.  To assist with the healing he was encouraged to walk daily.  Diligently we got up and out early for a morning walk most every day.  Since then, a walk together is something we enjoy doing together.

Of course we have to have different preferences for walking.  I like the city sidewalks and to begin and end with a point of reference.  He prefers country walks along the river and exploring different trails.

Trying to be a good sport, I go along with the country walk, with one stipulation...I don't like to walk in the sand!  Keep me on a hard path and not huffing and puffing through branches and underbrush and I'll be fine.

Recently there was a trail to the river we had not been to in years.  I knew it would be those conditions I didn't care for, but determined to go and make the best of it!  Here is the sand we got into!

Dirt trails, sand, leaves...he loved it!

But even amidst all the things I don't care for when walking, the scenery was beautiful. 

Then a trip down memory lane... as a little girl, my uncle would take us swimming at the river. He drove a Volkswagen and to get to the river you had to go up and down these gigantic hills.  They scared me, but my uncle made it fun.  A fast head start, tires spinning, pretending that we were stuck...he eagerly hit the hills while I nervously just wanted to get to the river!

On our walk, we found those same hills!  They weren't quite as steep as I remembered and I found it amusing to walk up them over 30 years later!  

Sometimes putting our self aside for the sake of others can bring back blessing...even in the sand! 

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