Thursday, March 2, 2017

Restore My Soul

Did you know it was tax season? For years I eagerly awaited tax forms and filed early. That was when our children were young and refunds were bigger!  Doing our family taxes was never a chore but it got more complicated through the years.  When a free tax school was offered in our town, I took advantage of it to gain a little more understanding. 

From that class, a part time seasonal job was gained.  It was a perfect fit with another part time job to keep my skills sharp and stay active.  Last year, I added another part time job but still jumped in on tax season. It has been an exciting and demanding few months!  Longer work days, work weeks, juggling home responsibilities etc.finally culminated from guiding customers through the maze of filing into the joy of watching hard working clients receive their refund.    

A break came with a weekend trip to see our oldest son, who had recently moved about 4 hours away. It was a weekend of pure refreshment!  The day after we arrived, a little time was spent outside enjoying the beautiful countryside and inhaling fresh air. It was one of those times when the heart just bursts forth with praise to the Lord.  Truly, my soul found refreshment. 

The weekend was spent exploring a new town and enjoying being together.  Here are some of the highlights of our trip:

The guys found a local golf course.  This is my oldest and youngest son, I love that they both played on the high school golf team and are wearing their team shirts!

The girls hit the downtown area to explore the quaint shops.  This one was our favorite!

Beautiful downtown streets

Lazy mornings spent on the back porch enjoying the sunrise

Looking behind the house for deer!

A beautiful day for a picnic!

Of course we had to take some photos!

There is nothing like family and the outdoors to renew the spirit!  So thankful for a beautiful weekend. 

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