Saturday, March 4, 2017

Willing Others to Victory

On a recent Sunday night the Super Bowl was on and in a house full of men, it monopolized the house.  Since I'm not much of a fan, I kept an eye on the score and since mornings come very early, went to bed before the game was over.  

The next morning I awoke to the news of a great victory, made even greater by the team coming from behind to eventually win.  Doing a little reading about the victory, I found this quote by a team member regarding the team leader and quarterback: (on the play of Patriots QB Tom Brady) "He's a great leader. We followed his lead. He was motivating us the whole game, even when we were down. He just willed us to another victory."

This type of action inspires me....encouraging others, spurring them on to greatness, seeking and speaking on other's gifts.  These are some of the heart rules I try to live by. But the last of that quote 'he willed us to victory' stuck me. Sometimes,even while encouraging others, there may be a point where defeat threatens. Whether through actions, choices or situations sometimes giving up a situation seems like the answer. To truly seek the best for others, it will require us to will them to victory at all times.  

Willing to victory is seeing beyond what is in front of us.  It is praying for one another for God to make a way, to bring a miracle, to bring a transformation. We know that with God nothing is impossible. There are things that can only be done through a heart change and that can only be done when the heart is touched by the hand of the Lord. As we wait on the Lord, our faith and prayers can be that source of willing them to victory.

May we be steadfast to seek the best for others, may we look for good in them and then look  beyond to see what God can do. Love conquers many an obstacle and if we keep our eyes on Jesus while freely showing our love, we can truly will others to victory.

 “Encouraging words have imparted bravery and empower doubting souls to accomplish what they never dreamed they could.” Karen Ehman

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