Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Vegetables That Regrow Themselves

Spring has sprung in our area!  Trees are blooming, grass is becoming greener and new life is springing up all over!  I always get garden fever about this time.  The desire to prepare the ground and plant things that will eventually come to harvest and bring a bounty of vegetables to our table starts strong. but once the summer heat comes, my garden fantasies quickly pass.  

I found some information that some vegetables may actually regrow themselves from the parts usually thrown away. Imagine, fresh vegetables with no weeds, no hoeing, just quick reproduction from what we already are using! Got to give this a try!   Here is a list I'm excited to try. 

Take the bottom of the celery and place in a shallow saucer in the sun. After about 3 days, transfer to soil.

Take the discarded roots and place them in a glass of water in a well lit room. Watch them grow!

When the garlic gloves begin to sprout, place them in a glass with a little water. The sprouts will have a mild flavor and can be used in pasta dishes or salads.

Just like with the scallions, place the ends in water in a well lit room. After about 1 – 2 weeks, transplant them to a pot with soil to finish growing.

Take the unused carrot tops and place them in a dish with a little water. The greens are a bit bitter on their own but are great with garlic!

Place basil clippings with 3-4 inch stems in a glass of water. Remember to change the water consistently so they don’t get slimy. When the roots are 2 inches long, transfer to a pot with soil and watch as a full basil plant grows!

Put romaine stumps in a dish with water. A few days later, once new leaves and roots appear, transfer to soil.

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