Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dawgy Dash

She loves dogs, I love to walk, so with weekend plans for a visit coming up, my sweet daughter in law asked if I wanted to sign up for the "Dawgy Dash" 5K.  It sounded like fun. Turns out, the whole weekend was fun! Mother's Day weekend with all my children together...doesn't get much better than that!

When the morning of the walk arrived, rain was close by, but we decided to try it anyway! Around 50 dogs and their owners walked through the quaint neighborhoods in a small north Georgia town. 

The town went all out for this walk.  These sweet direction markers in the shape of a doggy bone lined the streets. 

The walk wound through neighborhoods and along the main street of town. Flowers, stone sidewalks, tree lined streets made this a beautiful walk!

We finished!  Our sweet Fargo was a champ!  

Although she's not big on pictures or much attention, my sweet mother in law came along on the trip as well.  She handled the 5K like a pro.  She added an extra special touch to a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! 

Family, such a blessing to be able to take our different styles, likes, desires and throw them all together to find something beautiful!

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